Week 24 MKE: Month of Mugs

This is the last week of the Master Key Mastermind Alliance!!!😆 AAAAAHH!

I’m sad the Webinars won’t be a weekly deal anymore! I’m also excited to begin the journey of self-reliance!

Earlier this week, looking through some of our ol’ boxes from when we moved in, I found 2 mugs. I had kept them in their original wrappings to keep them safe until I’d move into my own place. And here they were, waiting to be found! Then my wonderful guide, Nancy, sent me a mug with my Fluffle Fluff characters!!!! How Awesome Is That!!! It was an amazing surprise! She also made herself a mug and a t-shirt for Dayna! What generosity, I love it!!

[Starting left: Fluffle mug from Nancy, punny mug, gift from my mom, gift from one of my sisters 😁]

The last zoom meeting for my group as a tribe was the past Wednesday. I mentioned how it’s turned into the Month of Mugs (with all the new mugs this week and last week’s punny mug)! Nancy suggested I write about it in this week’s blog, and though I was a little hesitant with it being the last blog for MKE, I decided to listen to my guide one last time! Gosh I’m gushing at the thought… (Couldn’t help that word play😉)

Other than the mug talk on the zoom, the tribe shared what we got over all out of this course. I noticed the common theme was confidence in ourselves! I certainly feel it! It’s quite freeing to be able to go out every day and not be pulled down by the cement of society. This week’s Master Key lesson, the last lesson, speaks of a freedom!

It is the “truth” that makes men free..

The “truth” it is referring to: Confidence, Abundance, Health, Harmony, etc. It is total thought of positivity, creativity. The spirit – Omnipresence! When you get right down to it, “truth” is nature’s greatest miracle. Us!

By the way, it’s look is still needing some tweaking but here is my new blog site: https://art-everything.com

(These blog sites will remain separate until I decide I want to combine them.)

Let’s Keep Moving Forward, MKMMA Class of 2019 😄

Peace be the Journey 🦋

Week 23 MKE

Honesty time: I did not take my silence the Saturday before last like promised. I did avoid social media and took an extra long meditation, but that was about it.

This last webinar turned my face into Niagara falls! 😂 After this webbie, I realized I absolutely needed to go into that silence!!! A whole week was the plan. (As best of silence I could muster for still going to work.) I do admit Wednesday was a friend’s birthday and Thursday I had plans to go to an art thing weeks ago and today I’m writing this blog post…. So it hasn’t been completely silent the whole week.

I don’t believe that hindered my week’s outcome, though. I got to celebrate my bestie’s birthday by doing her hair all cute and watching Tangled together because who can say no to Disney musicals! I also got to hang out with my other bestie I have seen in a long time as we painted puns on to mugs! Yup, I don’t regret a single moment’s noise! 😁

Not only was painting puns on mugs and hanging with my bestie fun, but I also discovered a place in town I never knew was here! Right under my nose THE WHOLE TIME!

The Artisan Collective. A group of Artists came together and bought a place where any artist can sell there work! And this place has art classes and parties to boot!!! How cool is that?!!

We make money by making friends, and we enlarge our circle of friends by making money for them, by helping them, by being of service to them.

~The Master Key, Part 23

These artists formed a Mastermind and created this amazing opportunity for other artists to make money. They may not even realize they’re in the flow, but that doesn’t stop it!!! It’s incredible!!!!!

I’m excited to see my Dharma come true like theirs did!

This w

Peace ☯️

Week 22a MKE: Scroll VI

Today I will be master of my emotions.


This scroll from Og’s The Greatest Salesman in the World has crossed my mind and helped me push through many times this week!

There was a moment at work where I felt incompetent. Then I recalled this line:

If I feel incompetent I will remember past success.


So I took that moment to remember. All my big and small successes! And so the rest of the day was a success!

At one point I didn’t have the energy to do what I had planned to get closer to my Dharma. But this verse crossed my mind:

Weak is he who permits his thoughts to control his actions; strong is he who forces his actions to control his thoughts.


This line got me off my lazy booty! Several times..! 😅

I’ve made it this far and I’m not backing out. No matter how I may be feeling on any day! What ever may come my way, I’ll keep moving forward!

I will master my moods through positive action and when I master my moods I will control my destiny.


Thank you scroll VI!



Last week I talked about my meditative sits not knowing that this week’s assignment is to be in the silence! Now, at the end of the webinar, I still had some questions about this but my sound cut out… So I decided, with the information I already gathered, I’d answer question on my own! Using my brain I know I have! 😉

To be in the silence is obviously to stay away from noise, but also to stay away from social media, texting, even sign language! Well, if sign language is out then speaking, using your voice, must also be out of the question. Complete silence!

I recall in grade school, when we were learning about Helen Keller, our teacher had us do an interesting experiment. We were to wear a blindfold and earplugs for an entire evening! My experience was hilarious! As I was led to the dinning table for dinner, I was feeling around to find my chair but I extended too far and my hands went right into my soup!! The earplugs could not stop the laughter of both my mom and I from reaching my ears! 😂

One thing that was unexpected from this was I no longer pitied Helen Keller or anyone blind or deaf. When I was cut off from any outside influence, I felt calm and clear. Before that experiment, I always thought it would be scary to not be able to to see anything or sad to not hear anything. But they have an advantage over us! They can enter the silence far far easier than someone who has all their senses.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful every day to be able to see all the beautiful sights and hear the sound of a loved one’s voice! But there is something about the silence that can be very sacred.

I tied this in the beginning of the week, Monday and Tuesday. It was a bit difficult. As those of you who are regulars here know, I listened to all sorts at work. It makes my days feel faster. Moments of “silence” at work just made me want the silence to be over with! (I put quotations because it’s never truly quiet at work with all the machinery).

Though when I went into my meditative sit (which I took extra time for it), it was SO NICE! I felt very free in the moment! Include everything I mentioned in my last post times ten!!

I’m very excited for this weekend, I don’t work weekends and I have kicked everyone out of the house for Saturday so that I can have a guarantee silence throughout my home! 😊

Peace ☮️

Week 21 MKE

I’ve found that during my meditative sits, my mind still occasionally runs off. But when I returns to the breath, there is a silence that I can’t quite grasp how to explain. Here I go anyway.

In this brief moment of silence, as I take a deep breath, time crawls. There is a calming to my awareness of my mind and body. My limbs melt into myself, into the couch. I feel naturally and comfortably warm equally throughout. I feel strength in power. I feel happiness in love. I feel perfection in harmony. I feel whole.

This moment is bliss. It’s something I look forward to, but have yet to master. What triggers it? Possibly, it’s the instant I come back into focus with my thoughts as there’s a deep inhale to act as a restart button. Being the observer once again! 😊

Peace ☮️

Week 20 MKE

Reading through Haanel’s Master Key part 20 has made me realize I’ve still been letting my atmosphere, the world without, control how I should feel instead of relying on my world within.

After this realization and implementing this knowledge, I immediately started to feel better about everything! I no longer felt like I was carrying 50 tons of dread. It’s even becoming more natural for me to stand straighter, I’ve noticed!

Talking with a friend, the topic of conversation eventually moved towards emotions and feelings, and I shared this statement:

“Relying on our environment to determine how we feel is unreliable!”

It’s been stated many, many times in MKE that we must look within ourselves, week 20 and it’s finally spoken to me in the way my brain would pick it up. WOOHOO!!!!

Peace ☮️

Week 19 MKE: I have given him back.

I lost a very dear pet this week. His name was Tiger, an adorable cat that looked nothing like a real tiger, but certainly had an attitude like one. In fact, we would joke that I was his pet instead of the other way around. I love him very much, so many fond memories.

As you can tell, he was a very photogenic lil guy ❤

Tiger and I would snuggle on the couch, both of us under the blankets. And man could he purr up a storm! He was such an affectionate kitty! When I would get home from a long day of being away, I would usually head straight to my room.

He knew that of course, so he would rush to my bedroom door, meowing impatiently until I’d open the door to let us both in. He would sometimes follow me around the house until I would pick him up and he would sit on my shoulders like a scarf!

The only thing that would tear us apart was food. If he heard the slightest indication of treats, he would bolt to the source so fast, almost faster than when he’d rush to my door.

I miss him. He had a good life and it was time to give him back. I’m sure I’ll see him again, thought that’ll probably be a while.

What timing it is to have this month’s scroll from The Greatest Salesman in the World to be about living like it’s the last day of our life. When losing a loved one, we are reminded that life on this plane of existence eventually ends. That is why we must live each day, each hour, to it’s fullest extent!

Let’s be at peace.

PS. In The Man On The Mountaintop, there is a moment where a grieving man comes to the holy man with his problem. The man had lost his wife. In response, the holy man simply hailed the man for giving her back to heaven. I thought it was an interesting part but had forgotten to mention it in last week’s blog. But with today’s events, I had been reminded of it, and thankful I did for it has helped me ease the pain of loss I feel.