Week One MKE: Unlocking the Door

In the first casual coffee webinar, before MKE started, Mark had us write a name down of a person we admired. He then told us to write down six qualities of that person for why we looked up to them.

Here is my list:

  • Creativity
  • Strong
  • Motivating
  • Hard working
  • Leadership
  • Confidence

Do you know what Mark asked next? He asked us who else would have these qualities? Me. I see those qualities because they are in me! The saying “the world is how we perceive it” took a whole new meaning for me the world without is because of the world within. This Master Key unlocked something inside me. With this realization, I couldn’t keep the tears back.

Before that webinar, I already saw myself as a little creative, strong, and hardworking. But motivating? Leadership?!! CONFIDENCE?!!!!! That was hard to believe, I couldn’t see it in myself. Yet, I see those qualities in so many people, I longed for such tenacity! To be looking in a foggy mirror all this time! With MKE, I’m excited to start wiping away that uncertainty, so I may finally see my true self!


4 thoughts on “Week One MKE: Unlocking the Door

  1. That is so wonderful that you had that realization and we are only just beginning. I am excited to watch you grow into the beautiful person I can already see in you.


  2. Good insight Adamantia, we have a tendency to forget how awesome we are, Great to have picked up on that. Here’s to your awesomeness. Keep on keeping on,


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