Week 5 MKE: the Observer

This week we were to stop giving opinions. Even to stop thinking about them! The strange thing is… I didn’t struggle to keep away. I know I can have a real big head at times, so I thought I needed to try harder, to be more observant. It still didn’t seem all that difficult for me, I wander if it’s because I’ve always been honest with myself about how high my ego may soar.

There were times I did slip up. Actually, there was a moment where I started the sentence of an opinion and stopped myself. But my friend insisted I finish the thought (the conversation was that of a serious one), and so I did as to not worry her.

When pushing my opinions aside, I found myself noticing more when others gave their opinions. Not focusing on my own thoughts as much made it easy for me to become the observer. I can be a quiet person (maybe that was why it was easy for me), but I did notice I was talking little less than usual. I also haven’t been on social media as much. I found myself thinking thrice about my next sentence in conversations. It was an interesting and different experience for me.

How did the rest of you do? Let me know in the comments!

Peace 😊


6 thoughts on “Week 5 MKE: the Observer

  1. Great observation that you are talking less and staying off of social media more. I found I have more opinions while driving and about myself than I do of others. Old Blue print still working on me.:)

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