Week 7 MKE: Mental Diet

When someone around you becomes heavily negative, is it easy for you to brush it off? Even though you don’t let it take your mind, can you feel that negativity run through your body? I can. I would normally be overcome with other strong emotions, especially negativity, and make it my own. But this week, with the Law of Substitution in mind, I was able to avoid the influence of people’s emotions! But I could still feel their energy run through me.

Though that didn’t always help when it was my own emotions that became negative… I’ve had to restart a few times. In fact, one day I thought of something negative for too long, so I had decided to wait until noon to reset the mental diet. In the meantime, I thought it would be a good exercise to observe when I would have a negative emotion and ask myself why it triggered! In a way, it helped me not dwell or feed that feeling!

I noticed my biggest difficulty was my on thoughts in my head. (I a kind of day dream.. a lot.) Sure, at first it was tough to block out the negativity from the outside forces but it was easier to activate the Law of Substitution. Where as my own personal thoughts had an arduous time. It made me realize my stories I write in my mind tend to lean towards the negative side. Maybe because many impactful narratives start out with a charactors dealing with struggle and/or strife. I’d get lost in my mind-adventures and forget that what I may be thinking is considered pessimistic. I also noticed there was a few times when I would snap out of story mode and wander what it was I was thinking and whether it was negative! They weren’t joking about us holding a thought for more than 6 seconds.

Today, Friday Nov. 9th, I worked more on focusing my mind and observing my imagination to better myself! I feel that it was a success! šŸ˜Š 1 day down, 6 more to go! I CAN BE WHAT I WILL TO BE!

How has all of you been doing on your mental diet? Share your success in the comments! šŸ˜„



6 thoughts on “Week 7 MKE: Mental Diet

  1. I love that you are working so diligently on your thoughts. Thank you for sharing with us. I have yet to make it a full day on the diet as well. I find that I have to start over a lot when I am driving. With the recent snowfall and driver’s remembering how to drive in it, it has definitely tested my watchman at the gate. She’s been working over time šŸ™‚

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  2. Adie! You’re officially in both my Marco Polo and my blog roll group this week! Nice job working on your mental diet… I’m still a ‘work in progress’ on what seems like a perpetual day one… but I feel like I’m improving and becoming more aware. I appreciate you sharing that you had to wait until noon one day to restart and used the time in between to watch for triggers. I’ve heard that uncovering triggers has been helpful for several people, and am sleuthing out my personal triggers too! So exciting that you got a day under your belt… keep up the wonderful work!

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  3. I went through the same emotions and thought in 2016 MKMMA but I was able to maintain positive mind set one day at a time. Everyday i do it I become better at it and thanks for sharing Adamantia.

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  4. Great entry Adamantia! Thank you for sharing your thoughts! What helped me with the triggers was to analyse my colore code test results and understand the reasons I go into negative thoughts.


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