Week 8 MKE: More Time

I can honestly say I do not do an average of 6 hours each night in front of the TV screen! I definitely spend that much or more looking at my cellular device though. It’s where I go for social media, Netflix, and sometimes reading (though I do prefer the paper of a book). It’s where I go to do the majority of the MKE stuff! (The list of things I do on my computer for the course is significantly shorter.) I’m even on my phone typing this blog!

With that, it is my phone that I will be taking away from myself (other than for what I’m suppose to do). Of course, I still include TV, computer, and any other technology that takes my time.

Monday, I already noticed my craving to watch Netflix or play video games with the hubby (he’s been helping me keep away too)! And as the week goes on, I’ve taken note on other things that I want to crawl towards out of habit, such as Facebook and YouTube. Especially during my breaks at work, or when I’m in public and have to wait around for a while. I feel that tug to pull out my phone!

Whenever I’ve felt that urge to look at my phone, I decided not to go to my usual apps. Instead, I have been either writing this blog or reading others blogs! . . . Honesty time: up until this week I’ve been slacking in all the blog related requirements (other than writing mine). I haven’t been reading all the blogs I’m suppose to or liking, commenting, and sharing them. The only times I have were when I got a notification that someone came to my blog first or of someone I already followed posted their blog.

I had excuses like I didn’t have time, or even if I did read them I don’t know what I would comment about (I still struggle with this occasionally…)! Now it’s like I have time to spare! A sense of relief, a weight off my shoulders! I don’t have that feeling of pressure of never enough time! I feel more relaxed!! I’m thinking I’ll keep this up for the rest of my life, though I’ll probably go back to playing video games with the hubby since that’s one of our favorite ways to spend time together! 😊

Santa Fa



4 thoughts on “Week 8 MKE: More Time

  1. Hi Adamontia – It’s nice to meet you and I look forward to reading your posts in the future. I love your sense of humor. I too have been shorting myself and others in not reading and commenting on others’ blogs. So let’s do it now, shall we?

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  2. In the old days, I used to carry an actual book to read during times of waiting. I’m thinking about renewing that practice.


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