Week 9 MKE: a little excited

I was feeling anxious about getting a mastermind partner, feeling a fear that I wouldn’t be able to find one or when I did I wouldn’t be able to keep up and fail them…

But then I remembered, fear is activated the same way excitement is! I have the choice, the driver’s seat, the LIBERTY(one of my ppn’s) to choose how I feel! I’m EXCITED to meet my Mastermind partner! EXCITED to make a new friend! EXCITED to keep moving forward towards my dreams! EXCITED to help my new friend toward their Dharma! I am EXCITED!

Now all I need is to find that that mastermind. 😅


6 thoughts on “Week 9 MKE: a little excited

  1. Fantastic Adamantia, its great to hear this. I believe in staying honest, i do get over zealous and excited. so keep up with finding more like minded master minders to talk with. its truely amazing to have friends here. yaaa

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  2. Realizing that fear and excitement give the same physiologic reactions in our body was a mind-blower for me – and helped transform my life!


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