Week 11 MKE: What Motivation?

Hello! I occasionally watch a vlog made by a guy named Burnie Burns. He is a co-founder of a website called Rooster Teeth. I admire the work he does! He only did his vlog for the year of 2017, so you could say I’m a little behind. 🙂

I love when the universe sends me moments of what some might call a coincidence.  This particular video popped up last Saturday. It fits well with scroll 3 and last Sunday’s webbie! Feel free to skip to these times in the video:  4:30-6:14 and 6:54-9:37


“I don’t believe in motivation… I don’t think its something that actually exists, and I don’t think its something you can cultivate.” ~Burnie

Woofta, that statement is sure to shack a few minds! This statement made me realize how much I was relying on motivation. And how little that has actually helped me get my butt in gear! So I took Burnie’s tip on having a streak  app on my phone (Steaks – Simple, Easy to use, Daily Tracker for those how might want to try it out;) ). I only have 2 tasks on there so far:  Draw for Comic and 20 Minute Meditate. I kept it to things that were realistic, and what I wanted to keep up with after MKMMA. I’m already on my 7th day 😀 that can seem like a minor thing but its similar to our service cards! You gotta celebrate even the small stuff!! Maybe I’ll put some more of the daily services on there after I get more accustomed to using the app!

“Building Motivation Instead of Relying On It!” 

I love this quote from Burnie. It’s like another way of saying, “I will persist until I succeed.”




9 thoughts on “Week 11 MKE: What Motivation?

  1. I loved Burnie’s quote about building motivation instead of relying on it–good stuff! I’ve been using a meditation app called Headspace for almost a year now–know how I remember that? I’m on a streak of 329 days of using the app–as of today–and determined to earn my last, 1-year badge! They hooked me with the 1, 3, 10,.. etc. badges! Go streaks and gamification! 🙂

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