Week 13 MKE: One Piece of a Whole

It always bothered me when the pastor at my church would say “Praise Jesus”. “Jesus” this, “Jesus” that. Like he was avoiding to say anything directly about God. The reason it bothered me was because that’s who we were there for, God. Not his son. Jesus may have had a big part in the Bible, I’m not denying his importance what so ever! But to “praise Jesus” instead of God just didn’t make sense to me. It’s like praising the invention instead of the inventor. When we all know the invention would have never existed without it’s creator! Why does it feel like we are giving Jesus all the credit?

Haanel’s part 13 of the Master Keys made me realize something that answers this question. During our sit, we we’re to think about how we are one with “The Father” (aka the Universal Mind, God, or whom/what ever you worship). In the Bible it states that we are all God’s children! And of course Jesus is as well. maybe you already see where I’m going with this! Let me break it down anyway:

  • If we are all the sons and daughters of God, that includes past, present, and future people. Than this includes Jesus! (Obviously 😜)
  • We are all “a part of the whole”, we all are one with the Universal Mind, “‘The Father and I are one'”! Again this includes Jesus!
  • “A part must be the same in kind and quility as the whole” aka all parts of the whole are “the same in kind and quility”!
  • Jesus is a part, I am a part, you are a part!!!

In conclusion, just the same as being one with “The Father” we are one with each other and with Jesus! Now when I go to church and hear everyone praise Jesus, I know we are praising ourselves!! And that is such a beautiful thing!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday! 🎉



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