Week 16 MKE: Kindness

Hello! This week for the Franklin Makeover is kindness! I’m going to jump straight into it!

Seeing kindness everyday, everywhere, was a lot easier than it was too see Courage. I had so much fun with doing my anonymous acts of kindness that I’ll keep in mind to do it every now and then! The amazing thing I noticed the most was with how good I’ve felt all week, because my mind was focused on such a positive attribute that affects EVERYONE! How has this kindness week make you feel?

Honestly Time

Now, what a week it has been for me! Something incredible has flourished in my mind last weekend that I can’t get out of my head like a song. This idea consumed me whole, it affected my sleep to be restless! It makes me want to throw my current DMP out! To even quite my job, and have this the only thing I work on forev-… Hold on, I still want to keep my current DMP though! I’ve accomplished so much! Way would I throw that away! My heart still sings my DMP’s tune! Maybe I just need to add another instrument. 😉

What is this idea that has swept me off my feet, you ask? It’s a secret 🤫, though here’s what I will share: I plan to start another blog, actually I’d love it to be a vlog, but I can’t wait and I want it to look nice (which would require something more equipped for the job than my cellular device). A blog will have to suffice for now. Since I want to make it nice and right, I’ll be looking into some things first before setting it up officially.

There was someone I looked up to greatly. I didn’t know him personally, but he inspires me all the same. He was intelligent, creative, diligent. If there was a deadline the next morning, even though everyone else said the job was done, he would keep working until the last minute to perfect it! “Keep moving forward.” He’d say. He was constantly working, creating, inventing. He had no time to waste!

He passed away a few years ago on the 1st of February. That seems like the perfect date to start. 😊


One of my green triangle accomplishments has come into fruition! WOO HOO!!! Here’s a link to to my first ever webcomic! Enjoy!


Peace ☮️


8 thoughts on “Week 16 MKE: Kindness

  1. Love your en-thooooo-siasm, Adi! Love that you are in the flow – and the ideas and inspirations keep coming! Also, super proud that you realize your current DMP is manifesting, so now is not the time to ditch it (squirrel!!) but you can add to it, enhance it, keep it current and relevant to where you are now! You can always send a revision – and you have plenty of words left in order to do that!

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