Week 17 Heroes Journey MKE

“What am I pretending not to know?”

This question puzzled me at first, I felt like there was nothing I was hiding from myself! I have an intimate relationship with the gale in the glass, why would I deny anything?…. What I realized was I pretended not to know how terrifying this question can be, is! I didn’t want to face it. The truth.

On Wednesday, my tribe had a zoom meeting. This question came up, of course. One answer shared by our guide, Nancy.

“I’m pretending not to know I have to do the dishes.”

Laughter was shared among us! 😂 This lightened the frightening question immensely for me! I started off small with my answers after the great tribe meeting! recalling the same answer shared above at one point, as I looked at the dishes that had piled up throughout the week. 😉

Amazing how one question, 7 words, can unravel me. It’s brought me to tears several times this week. Answers, truths that I didn’t know I knew. Because I didn’t want to face my fear.

Speaking of face my fears, here’s a song by the same title for a video game series my husband loves! Kingdom Hearts! KH 3 has finally come out after 15 years of waiting (talk about patience), debuting this song!

At the moment, I will not be sharing any answers to “What am I pretended not to know?” Maybe I’m insecure.. maybe that is one of the answers.😅 I’ll think on that. And I encourage you to think on the question as well!

Peace ☮️


5 thoughts on “Week 17 Heroes Journey MKE

  1. I agree, the answers that have come up in response to that question have been both unsettling & illuminating. That’s a pretty powerful question and you showed great courage by continuing to answer it despite tears & fears.

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  2. Tears are good, something is coming up! I’m glad my dish disasters made you laugh. I’m glad you’re not afraid to keep going deeper!


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