Week 19 MKE: I have given him back.

I lost a very dear pet this week. His name was Tiger, an adorable cat that looked nothing like a real tiger, but certainly had an attitude like one. In fact, we would joke that I was his pet instead of the other way around. I love him very much, so many fond memories.

As you can tell, he was a very photogenic lil guy ❤

Tiger and I would snuggle on the couch, both of us under the blankets. And man could he purr up a storm! He was such an affectionate kitty! When I would get home from a long day of being away, I would usually head straight to my room.

He knew that of course, so he would rush to my bedroom door, meowing impatiently until I’d open the door to let us both in. He would sometimes follow me around the house until I would pick him up and he would sit on my shoulders like a scarf!

The only thing that would tear us apart was food. If he heard the slightest indication of treats, he would bolt to the source so fast, almost faster than when he’d rush to my door.

I miss him. He had a good life and it was time to give him back. I’m sure I’ll see him again, thought that’ll probably be a while.

What timing it is to have this month’s scroll from The Greatest Salesman in the World to be about living like it’s the last day of our life. When losing a loved one, we are reminded that life on this plane of existence eventually ends. That is why we must live each day, each hour, to it’s fullest extent!

Let’s be at peace.

PS. In The Man On The Mountaintop, there is a moment where a grieving man comes to the holy man with his problem. The man had lost his wife. In response, the holy man simply hailed the man for giving her back to heaven. I thought it was an interesting part but had forgotten to mention it in last week’s blog. But with today’s events, I had been reminded of it, and thankful I did for it has helped me ease the pain of loss I feel.


9 thoughts on “Week 19 MKE: I have given him back.

  1. Oh Adi, sorry to hear that you had to give Tiger back. My Pomeranian just turned 17, so that part of the audiobook helped me also because I realize I’ll be saying goodbye to my sweet boy soon too—thank you again for recommending it. Sending comfort & love, take care!

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  2. Tiger is back to consciousness out of which he came sooner or later we follow him. My cat spook is 10 years old I love this cat more than anything in the world. He just love to celebrate life any chance he he got. Totally present. Love is all there is and love bear all things thanks for sharing Adamantia.

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