Week 20 MKE

Reading through Haanel’s Master Key part 20 has made me realize I’ve still been letting my atmosphere, the world without, control how I should feel instead of relying on my world within.

After this realization and implementing this knowledge, I immediately started to feel better about everything! I no longer felt like I was carrying 50 tons of dread. It’s even becoming more natural for me to stand straighter, I’ve noticed!

Talking with a friend, the topic of conversation eventually moved towards emotions and feelings, and I shared this statement:

“Relying on our environment to determine how we feel is unreliable!”

It’s been stated many, many times in MKE that we must look within ourselves, week 20 and it’s finally spoken to me in the way my brain would pick it up. WOOHOO!!!!

Peace ☮️


7 thoughts on “Week 20 MKE

  1. What great insights! Glad you’re standing taller too, it’s a mood enhancer and a trait of confident people! I’ve noticed I’m doing that more too–especially after my physical therapist told me if I didn’t, I’d be contributing to future back pain! Multiple benefits to standing taller! 😉

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