Week 21 MKE

I’ve found that during my meditative sits, my mind still occasionally runs off. But when I returns to the breath, there is a silence that I can’t quite grasp how to explain. Here I go anyway.

In this brief moment of silence, as I take a deep breath, time crawls. There is a calming to my awareness of my mind and body. My limbs melt into myself, into the couch. I feel naturally and comfortably warm equally throughout. I feel strength in power. I feel happiness in love. I feel perfection in harmony. I feel whole.

This moment is bliss. It’s something I look forward to, but have yet to master. What triggers it? Possibly, it’s the instant I come back into focus with my thoughts as there’s a deep inhale to act as a restart button. Being the observer once again! 😊

Peace ☮️


4 thoughts on “Week 21 MKE

  1. I love the calming effects of my sits. I even do extra sits when I am feeling stressed or anxious to help get me calmer and back into a positive mindset. Thanks for sharing your description.

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