Week 24 MKE: Month of Mugs

This is the last week of the Master Key Mastermind Alliance!!!πŸ˜† AAAAAHH!

I’m sad the Webinars won’t be a weekly deal anymore! I’m also excited to begin the journey of self-reliance!

Earlier this week, looking through some of our ol’ boxes from when we moved in, I found 2 mugs. I had kept them in their original wrappings to keep them safe until I’d move into my own place. And here they were, waiting to be found! Then my wonderful guide, Nancy, sent me a mug with my Fluffle Fluff characters!!!! How Awesome Is That!!! It was an amazing surprise! She also made herself a mug and a t-shirt for Dayna! What generosity, I love it!!

[Starting left: Fluffle mug from Nancy, punny mug, gift from my mom, gift from one of my sisters 😁]

The last zoom meeting for my group as a tribe was the past Wednesday. I mentioned how it’s turned into the Month of Mugs (with all the new mugs this week and last week’s punny mug)! Nancy suggested I write about it in this week’s blog, and though I was a little hesitant with it being the last blog for MKE, I decided to listen to my guide one last time! Gosh I’m gushing at the thought… (Couldn’t help that word playπŸ˜‰)

Other than the mug talk on the zoom, the tribe shared what we got over all out of this course. I noticed the common theme was confidence in ourselves! I certainly feel it! It’s quite freeing to be able to go out every day and not be pulled down by the cement of society. This week’s Master Key lesson, the last lesson, speaks of a freedom!

It is the “truth” that makes men free..

The “truth” it is referring to: Confidence, Abundance, Health, Harmony, etc. It is total thought of positivity, creativity. The spirit – Omnipresence! When you get right down to it, “truth” is nature’s greatest miracle. Us!

By the way, it’s look is still needing some tweaking but here is my new blog site: https://art-everything.com

(These blog sites will remain separate until I decide I want to combine them.)

Let’s Keep Moving Forward, MKMMA Class of 2019 πŸ˜„

Peace be the Journey πŸ¦‹


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