Week 9 MKE: a little excited

I was feeling anxious about getting a mastermind partner, feeling a fear that I wouldn’t be able to find one or when I did I wouldn’t be able to keep up and fail them…

But then I remembered, fear is activated the same way excitement is! I have the choice, the driver’s seat, the LIBERTY(one of my ppn’s) to choose how I feel! I’m EXCITED to meet my Mastermind partner! EXCITED to make a new friend! EXCITED to keep moving forward towards my dreams! EXCITED to help my new friend toward their Dharma! I am EXCITED!

Now all I need is to find that that mastermind. 😅


Week 8 MKE: More Time

I can honestly say I do not do an average of 6 hours each night in front of the TV screen! I definitely spend that much or more looking at my cellular device though. It’s where I go for social media, Netflix, and sometimes reading (though I do prefer the paper of a book). It’s where I go to do the majority of the MKE stuff! (The list of things I do on my computer for the course is significantly shorter.) I’m even on my phone typing this blog!

With that, it is my phone that I will be taking away from myself (other than for what I’m suppose to do). Of course, I still include TV, computer, and any other technology that takes my time.

Monday, I already noticed my craving to watch Netflix or play video games with the hubby (he’s been helping me keep away too)! And as the week goes on, I’ve taken note on other things that I want to crawl towards out of habit, such as Facebook and YouTube. Especially during my breaks at work, or when I’m in public and have to wait around for a while. I feel that tug to pull out my phone!

Whenever I’ve felt that urge to look at my phone, I decided not to go to my usual apps. Instead, I have been either writing this blog or reading others blogs! . . . Honesty time: up until this week I’ve been slacking in all the blog related requirements (other than writing mine). I haven’t been reading all the blogs I’m suppose to or liking, commenting, and sharing them. The only times I have were when I got a notification that someone came to my blog first or of someone I already followed posted their blog.

I had excuses like I didn’t have time, or even if I did read them I don’t know what I would comment about (I still struggle with this occasionally…)! Now it’s like I have time to spare! A sense of relief, a weight off my shoulders! I don’t have that feeling of pressure of never enough time! I feel more relaxed!! I’m thinking I’ll keep this up for the rest of my life, though I’ll probably go back to playing video games with the hubby since that’s one of our favorite ways to spend time together! 😊

Santa Fa


Week 7 MKE: Mental Diet

When someone around you becomes heavily negative, is it easy for you to brush it off? Even though you don’t let it take your mind, can you feel that negativity run through your body? I can. I would normally be overcome with other strong emotions, especially negativity, and make it my own. But this week, with the Law of Substitution in mind, I was able to avoid the influence of people’s emotions! But I could still feel their energy run through me.

Though that didn’t always help when it was my own emotions that became negative… I’ve had to restart a few times. In fact, one day I thought of something negative for too long, so I had decided to wait until noon to reset the mental diet. In the meantime, I thought it would be a good exercise to observe when I would have a negative emotion and ask myself why it triggered! In a way, it helped me not dwell or feed that feeling!

I noticed my biggest difficulty was my on thoughts in my head. (I a kind of day dream.. a lot.) Sure, at first it was tough to block out the negativity from the outside forces but it was easier to activate the Law of Substitution. Where as my own personal thoughts had an arduous time. It made me realize my stories I write in my mind tend to lean towards the negative side. Maybe because many impactful narratives start out with a charactors dealing with struggle and/or strife. I’d get lost in my mind-adventures and forget that what I may be thinking is considered pessimistic. I also noticed there was a few times when I would snap out of story mode and wander what it was I was thinking and whether it was negative! They weren’t joking about us holding a thought for more than 6 seconds.

Today, Friday Nov. 9th, I worked more on focusing my mind and observing my imagination to better myself! I feel that it was a success! 😊 1 day down, 6 more to go! I CAN BE WHAT I WILL TO BE!

How has all of you been doing on your mental diet? Share your success in the comments! 😄


Week 6 MKE:

This week I thought it would be fun to listen to 1 webinar at work each day in order, since there are 6 webbies and 6 days before Sunday… But it didn’t quite work like that 😅. Tuesday it wouldn’t load and Wednesday I forgot my phone (where I was listening from)… So Thursday and Friday ended up watching 2 instead. And it ended up working just fine! 😊

So last week’s blog I spoke too soon about staying away from opinions being easy for me. Turns out I share A LOT of opinions with my friends, it wasn’t until nearing the end of spending time with them that I realized I hadn’t paid attention to what I would say. So for all I know, I could have said many opinion. I’m goin to keep away from them with my best for awhile though.


Week 5 MKE: the Observer

This week we were to stop giving opinions. Even to stop thinking about them! The strange thing is… I didn’t struggle to keep away. I know I can have a real big head at times, so I thought I needed to try harder, to be more observant. It still didn’t seem all that difficult for me, I wander if it’s because I’ve always been honest with myself about how high my ego may soar.

There were times I did slip up. Actually, there was a moment where I started the sentence of an opinion and stopped myself. But my friend insisted I finish the thought (the conversation was that of a serious one), and so I did as to not worry her.

When pushing my opinions aside, I found myself noticing more when others gave their opinions. Not focusing on my own thoughts as much made it easy for me to become the observer. I can be a quiet person (maybe that was why it was easy for me), but I did notice I was talking little less than usual. I also haven’t been on social media as much. I found myself thinking thrice about my next sentence in conversations. It was an interesting and different experience for me.

How did the rest of you do? Let me know in the comments!

Peace 😊

Week 4… Error blog/ ðŸ’¯

Heads up. I tried to add a video because I would like to start vlogging but it wouldn’t publish and trying to solve it myself caused technical trouble so I’m going to make this a short blog this week… also I’m doing this from speech to text so if there’s grammatical errors, I apologize.


Simply put, I’m sticking with it. I’m going to put 100% in because I don’t want to stay stagnant. I’m tired of being where I am knowing I Can Go further then the Distance! After the past 3 weeks of what I’ve learned and in this fourth week being amazing! I don’t want to give it up, I don’t want to give up this feeling that I have! This confidence that I have gained in myself. It’s like falling in love with myself. And I want to continue until I succeed in my definite chief aim in life!!

Maybe I’ll try adding the video once I figure out how to do so, but until then here is the painting I was working on in the vid😊

Week 3 MKE: FEAR

(so I thought this had been published the whole time… If you could see me right now, my cheeks would be flushed 😳)

Harry Potter, everyone should be able to recognize this name, right? One of the most impressionable book/movie series of this generation by J.K. Rowling. In the third book, the Prisoner of Azkaban, there is a fearful creature introduced. The Dementors.

“… Among the foulest creatures that walk this Earth. They infest the darkest, filthiest places, they glory in decay and despair, they drain peace, hope, and happiness out of the air around them. … Get too near a Dementor and every good feeling, every happy memory will be sucked out of you. … You’ll be left with nothing but the worst experiences of your life.” ~J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

If it was unknown to you, these horrid creatures, Dementors, came into existence when Rowling was in depression. It’s magnificent to see someone was in the lowest of the low than to succeeding in life as she does now. How does one fight such overwelming darkness?


A spell casted with the happiest, most joyous memory the witch or wizard could think of. Doesn’t that sound familiar? Law of Substitution. If we fill our thoughts with positivity, then there is no room for negativity.

In the Master Key this week, Haanel writes about fear, and how to extinguish it. Reading this reminded me of Prisoner of Azkaban. (What do you know, it’s the third book of the series and we’re on the 3rd week of the session!;) ) I love reading. I love even more when one of my favorite books shares a life lesson that aligns with MKMMA! And the Harry Potter series aren’t the only books, but I’ll stick with just one for now.

In the 3rd book, Harry face’s another creature known as a Boggart. No one knows what a Boggart truly looks like because who ever is standing before it, a Boggart changes into that person’s greatest fear. Through this incounter, we find out Harry’s greatest fear is a Dementor. Essentially, he fears fear itself. And he overcomes that fear by the end of the book! Just as you and I will by the end of this Master Key Experience!!