Week 18 MKE:

At the last webinar, they hyped up a particular question. A question that would be a game changer! And here I thought ‘what am I pretended not to know?’ was a biggie!

Something struck me while they were building up to that question. It didn’t even occur to me that I still had a particular mindset… The first line in my DMP is,

“I am a professional full-time Artist!”

Yet, I still had this thought in the deep dark crevices of my brain that artists struggle. I couldn’t believe it! All this time! Almost done with MKE, and I found more cobwebs of my old blueprint!

The Man On The Mountaintop

By Susan Trott

This past week or so, I had listened to this audio book. It was a great and moving story! Makes me want to go live in the Hermitage with the holy man and his fellow monks on the mountaintop. If you get a chance, I certainly recommend checking this one out!

One of the moments in the book, it describes the holy man in his meditations. He would sit on a boulder for hours, not moving a muscle. So still to the point a bird would start to make a nest on him, thinking he was a part of the landscape. It made me think of this week’s read for Master Keys 18.

“… the spiritual man also lives and moves and has his being in a similar but subtler energy upon which he must depend for life…”

He lived subtler. To the point birds found homes within his lap. He cherished the silence. Like in Master Keys week 17,

“… great minds seek solitude…”

Here I shall end this post with a few quotes from the book that have stuck with me, and maybe a note to go with.

“Kindness is good luck.”

I’m sure all of us in MKE can agree that our world or ‘luck’ gains better days as we begin to share more kindnesses!

See everyone as holy and you will be better off.

(I might have miss quoted this one but the message is still there.)

And seeing others as ‘holy’ or ‘seeing God in others’ is the last week for the Franklin Makeover so you’ll be reading about that later! 😜

“The opposite of fear is not courage, it is calm.”

Peace ☮️


Week 17 Heroes Journey MKE

“What am I pretending not to know?”

This question puzzled me at first, I felt like there was nothing I was hiding from myself! I have an intimate relationship with the gale in the glass, why would I deny anything?…. What I realized was I pretended not to know how terrifying this question can be, is! I didn’t want to face it. The truth.

On Wednesday, my tribe had a zoom meeting. This question came up, of course. One answer shared by our guide, Nancy.

“I’m pretending not to know I have to do the dishes.”

Laughter was shared among us! 😂 This lightened the frightening question immensely for me! I started off small with my answers after the great tribe meeting! recalling the same answer shared above at one point, as I looked at the dishes that had piled up throughout the week. 😉

Amazing how one question, 7 words, can unravel me. It’s brought me to tears several times this week. Answers, truths that I didn’t know I knew. Because I didn’t want to face my fear.

Speaking of face my fears, here’s a song by the same title for a video game series my husband loves! Kingdom Hearts! KH 3 has finally come out after 15 years of waiting (talk about patience), debuting this song!

At the moment, I will not be sharing any answers to “What am I pretended not to know?” Maybe I’m insecure.. maybe that is one of the answers.😅 I’ll think on that. And I encourage you to think on the question as well!

Peace ☮️

Week 17 MKE: Decisions


Is my word of the week for the Franklin makeover. It made me realize how decisive I truly am! The only times I realized I had trouble making a decision this week was when it involved spending money and food. Otherwise, I’m pretty good at being like: yes let’s do this, and here’s that, on and on! Well you get the gist. 😉

This week’s meditations

… There has been something else I’ve concentrated on this, during my meditative sit.

After the start of reading this week’s Haanel, I realized my mind… no, my environment has been clouded with the concerns of lack! They don’t feel originally mine. I’m usually quite optimistic. If I am lacking something, I have faith that it’s possible to obtain that ‘something’. But recently I have been seting up a small adventure for this summer, and lack has tried to make a home in my mind. I refused it’s admittance by thinking of abundance! That’s what has kept my mind occupied during my meditations!

Maybe it’s my stubbornness, but ever since lack has tried to trespass, I almost don’t want to give this trip up! Even if it breaks the bank. Which I know it won’t, I have a good feeling about this adventure! And as Haanel mentions in this week’s Master Keys, trust your intuition!

I give myself permission!

In the last webinar, it occurred to me that I write a lot of notes…

…on my hand! 😂 I recall my mom teaching me this trick. It’s usually supposed to be a little reminder. Like if I need to remember to buy milk on the way home, I would write a letter ‘m’. Not a whole sentence like this one! I hoped you all get a little kick out of this cork of mine like I do!

Peace ☮️

Week 16 MKE: Kindness

Hello! This week for the Franklin Makeover is kindness! I’m going to jump straight into it!

Seeing kindness everyday, everywhere, was a lot easier than it was too see Courage. I had so much fun with doing my anonymous acts of kindness that I’ll keep in mind to do it every now and then! The amazing thing I noticed the most was with how good I’ve felt all week, because my mind was focused on such a positive attribute that affects EVERYONE! How has this kindness week make you feel?

Honestly Time

Now, what a week it has been for me! Something incredible has flourished in my mind last weekend that I can’t get out of my head like a song. This idea consumed me whole, it affected my sleep to be restless! It makes me want to throw my current DMP out! To even quite my job, and have this the only thing I work on forev-… Hold on, I still want to keep my current DMP though! I’ve accomplished so much! Way would I throw that away! My heart still sings my DMP’s tune! Maybe I just need to add another instrument. 😉

What is this idea that has swept me off my feet, you ask? It’s a secret 🤫, though here’s what I will share: I plan to start another blog, actually I’d love it to be a vlog, but I can’t wait and I want it to look nice (which would require something more equipped for the job than my cellular device). A blog will have to suffice for now. Since I want to make it nice and right, I’ll be looking into some things first before setting it up officially.

There was someone I looked up to greatly. I didn’t know him personally, but he inspires me all the same. He was intelligent, creative, diligent. If there was a deadline the next morning, even though everyone else said the job was done, he would keep working until the last minute to perfect it! “Keep moving forward.” He’d say. He was constantly working, creating, inventing. He had no time to waste!

He passed away a few years ago on the 1st of February. That seems like the perfect date to start. 😊


One of my green triangle accomplishments has come into fruition! WOO HOO!!! Here’s a link to to my first ever webcomic! Enjoy!


Peace ☮️

Week 15 MKE: Courage

Want a Franklin Makeover? No, it’s not actually making you out to look like one of the U.S. Founding Fathers. It is in fact something Franklin came up with to become a better person then he thought himself to be (and from what I recall my history teacher back in grade school taught me about Franklin, it’s rightfully so…). The Franklin Makeover can be explained here: http://www.ushistory.org/franklin/autobiography/page38.htm

Of course, MKE has done it again! Taking a great idea and making it their own by using the Law of Attraction to our advantage! For the next 13 weeks we’ll have a virtue to concentrate on. The more we think of that virtue of that week, the more we see it in ourselves. For it’s always been inside us from the beginning! We wouldn’t see it anywhere at all if it wasn’t!!

I chose Courage to be my first virtue. In the beginning it was a tad bit difficult, because truth is… I don’t get out much. So I ended up looking towards movies and shows. And those are quite reliable since most stories hold the call to action/the heroes journey within them, and that always require the main character/s to have courage for that first step! Thinking of this… Do realize what this means?!! It means we already have shown Courage! The moment we decided to join MKE was the moment we were courageous to take that first step! To better our lives!!!!!!!! ISN’T THAT AMAZING?!!!! OF COURSE IT IS!!!!!!!!! THIS IS REASON TO CELEBRATE!!! WOOHOOOOOO!

Today (Friday, Jan. 4th), I decided to go out. I wanted to see more Courage other than at work or on a screen. And I gotta say my Friday slot is the fullest so far, some I even accomplished on my very own! 😉 I wonder what Saturday and Sunday will bring me? I’m quite certain I know the answer to this. 😁 I’m also curious and excited to see what the next 12 weeks are going to be like! I’ll keep you all up to date!

Paix ☮️


WEEK 14 MKE: Podcasts

With where I work, I get to listen to music, podcasts, or the like. This I’m very grateful for! Recently, I found a podcast called Tribe of Mentors, hosted by Tim Ferriss. He’s quite successfull from what I hear. The podcast consists of him interviewing successful people. But the questions he asks are not of the typical kind. Each episode runs about 10-30 minutes usually, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to make time for it if you’re interested. (All links will be found at the bottom).

Right off the bat, I noticed some lessons we’ve learned from MKE. After listening to a few of the episodes, it lead me to Debbie Millman who also has a podcast named Design Matters. Being that my DMP greatly involves art and Design Matters is about designers and creative people in general, I was instantly intrigued and started bouncing between the two podcasts. Something Debbie said in her interview on Tribe of Mentors has stuck with me for a few days now.

“Busy is not an excuse.”

Her explanation was if you are too busy to do something, whatever it is that is making you ‘busy’ holds more priority, is more important, over the other thing. When do you find yourself saying “I’m too busy”? What are you too busy for? Is it truly more important? Will it help you and your future? I found myself paying attention to when and why I would tell myself that I’m too busy, being the observer once again.

I’m so glad I came across these podcasts! They’ve kept me focused on my goals throughout this week. Maybe they’ll do the same for you!


Tribe of Mentors: https://podcast.app/tribe-of-mentors-p402153/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAjZLhBRCAARIsAFHWpbGrM3xzGbuINzoZP5EvkLzen4QLopMg4ZL9sG-uI_dIDvAAlCBhM1AaAuvxEALw_wcB

Design Matters: https://www.designmattersmedia.com/designmatters

Week 13 MKE: One Piece of a Whole

It always bothered me when the pastor at my church would say “Praise Jesus”. “Jesus” this, “Jesus” that. Like he was avoiding to say anything directly about God. The reason it bothered me was because that’s who we were there for, God. Not his son. Jesus may have had a big part in the Bible, I’m not denying his importance what so ever! But to “praise Jesus” instead of God just didn’t make sense to me. It’s like praising the invention instead of the inventor. When we all know the invention would have never existed without it’s creator! Why does it feel like we are giving Jesus all the credit?

Haanel’s part 13 of the Master Keys made me realize something that answers this question. During our sit, we we’re to think about how we are one with “The Father” (aka the Universal Mind, God, or whom/what ever you worship). In the Bible it states that we are all God’s children! And of course Jesus is as well. maybe you already see where I’m going with this! Let me break it down anyway:

  • If we are all the sons and daughters of God, that includes past, present, and future people. Than this includes Jesus! (Obviously 😜)
  • We are all “a part of the whole”, we all are one with the Universal Mind, “‘The Father and I are one'”! Again this includes Jesus!
  • “A part must be the same in kind and quility as the whole” aka all parts of the whole are “the same in kind and quility”!
  • Jesus is a part, I am a part, you are a part!!!

In conclusion, just the same as being one with “The Father” we are one with each other and with Jesus! Now when I go to church and hear everyone praise Jesus, I know we are praising ourselves!! And that is such a beautiful thing!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday! 🎉