Press Release

In a cafe two women sitting across each other. The older one interviewing the other. The smell of coffee in the air, hussle and bustle of the baristas. The Press Release begins!

“On a scale of 1 to 10, how weird are you?” Debby, the interviewer, asked to start off light.

 “Haha! I am 42 and 3 pennies cat!” replied Adi, aka the MadCatress!Logo-SMOL_MadCatress

“Hahaha! Meow! That explains why you are MadCatress.” Debby laughed, “So what animal would be cutest if scaled down to the size of a kitten?”

“Hmmm, I feel like maybe an elephant would be real cute! Or dragon haha!” 

“A dragon kitten would be an awesome pet! Now lets go a tad deeper, what are the most important things to you in life?”

Other than my husband, family, and friends, the most important thing is the freedom of creative expression! If that didn’t exist, I wouldn’t be where I am today, and worst then that, Life would be boring and society as we know it would not be where it is today!”

“Very true,  I wouldn’t be here today talking with such an incredible person,” commented Debby. “When did you consider yourself a success?” 

“Oh, gosh! Way to make me blush!  Hahaha, lets see… The moment I decided to get off my ass and do what I truly wanted for a living! I always enjoyed art of all kinds.. What I mean by that is, anything you consider creative, or using imagination! Like writing a book or acting out a play! Singing, dancing, special effects, and of course what the usual things that are in the category of art such as painting to crafts. And I was fortunate enough to have lived in a town that supported all of it! I loved art so much that there was a point in my life when I was afraid of making it into a career for the ‘what if I stopped loving it’… I would say to myself, ’I rather enjoy it as a hobby than turn it into work.’ It wasn’t until I said it out loud to someone who had turned something they loved into a career that I realized I was not living my life to its fullest potential! So I went to work on getting myself more out there on the internet as an artist, starting with a simple web comic.” Explained Adi, taking a sip of her sugar and creme with a hint of coffee. 😉 



“That’s fluffle fluffs, right? Tell us a bit of how you came up with such adorable ball creatures?!” 

Growing up, my family has this adorable, spoiled, Alaskan malamute named Nanook! And one day I was doodling on Colors 3D, a game on the 3DS where you can draw anything and make it 3D if you wish. I guess that was my first exposure to digital art. Anyway, I was doodling and decided to draw my dog in a cartoony style, and WALLAH! The first fluffle! 😄 

“Oh! Is that where the pupper fluff came about?!” exclaimed Debby.

“Yes indeedy!” Smiled Adi!

“Now you have other web comics, correct? How do you do all that work, how do you come up with it all?”

Well fluffle fluffs is the only comic I’ve created on my own. I’m sure you know about my co-writer, Alex, we bounce back and forth on ideas. She writes it all up, so all I have to do is draw out her words!  And on how I keep track of all my work is I set a schedule for myself. It’s generally the same routine everyday, draw a rough draft of the chapter, tweak stuff, draw final chapter move on to next project and the next day! Though most final drafts of a chapter take a few days, that’s why I sometimes I have help for the coloring.”

“Was it like that in the beginning?” Debby questioned, taking a sip of her coffee with a dash of sugar.

No, I still had a job that took quite a bit my time out of the week, but I was determined to get a chapter out and still have a social life. It’s why fluffle fluffs was so simple. Though even with its simplicity it still took a lot of my time having to get the hang of digital art since I hadn’t done anything like it before.” 

“Now, earlier you mentioned getting yourself out there online, is that why your YouTube channel came about and later on your website?”

Adi responded, “Eventually, yes! You see, if anyone wants to start a business, they have to get their name out there and one of the easiest ways to do that is through the internet. Because I knew this, I immediately set out the goal to get my own website but wanted to build my name up first, that’s where Webtoon, Patreon, and finally YouTube came in handy!

“You also got your name out there with going to comic conversation, correct? How was your first one, was it scary?” 

“Yes, at first it was a little intimidating, but I chose to be more excited. Because fear and excitement come from the same chemical compound in your body, it’s your choice on whether it’s a positive or a negative emotion you get out of it. And I had such a blast! Met so many great people and fans of my work! It was exhilarating!! And awesome, because I had already planned to donate a 3rd to Extra Life (a fundraiser for children’s hospitals), and I sold out which meant I got to donate quite a bit!” 😁

“That’s fantastic, Adi, so generous of you too!”

“I always make a point to give even if its not much, its how we share the goodness in the World!”

“I love that! I think I can guess from what you’ve already talked about, but I’ll ask anyway. Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?” 

Adi contemplated, “I generally focus on what I enjoy creating and in turn there’s always someone out there that seem to enjoy it too!”

“Are there any projects, in the near future you would like to share?”

“Sure, I was going to keep this under wraps since I’m not sure when I’ll get it done. But I’m just too excited to stay hushed any longer!!” said Adi, building up the excitement! “In the works, I am creating my first animation project!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been teaching myself for a while now and have had help from other YouTube animators as well! It’s been a lot fun and hard work! I hope everyone gets to see and enjoy the finished result as much as I have creating it!!

“What! That’s incredible, Adi!”

“Thanks Debby!”

“Okay, last and most important question, what would you do in a zombie apocalypse?” Debby asked seriously.

Uh, well I have 3 plans. 1- to find a strong group of people to protect me, 2- find someone slower than me so I won’t get caught 1st, or 3-  just relax and enjoy the zombie life!” 😂

The women laughed together, finishing up their coffee. They sat there a bit longer enjoying a fun conversation even though the interview was over and became good friends!

the end. 

Santa Fa