Week 2 MKE: Procrastination Take Over?

As the second week progressed, I noticed my old blueprint creeping up. Yup, procrastination tried weaseling its way into my studies. As it had when I was in grade school. This did not prevent me from completing any of the work, though. It only delayed me from getting it done until the last minute.

I’m proud to say I did it! Every day I over came this bad habit, even if it seemed to be only by a little bit! It might seem like I caved in because I did a little procrastinating (like getting this blog in with only a few hours left before deadline) but I didn’t let it take over me to the point of just doing NOTHING like I had in the past! That is why I’m proud in myself!

P.s. One thing I did not procrastinate, my chore! I wanted to get that done right away, and I’m quite glad I did 😁 … With how refreshed it made me feel to have completed something as soon as possible, it makes me wonder why I let such an ol’ rotten habit like procrastination take me like that.. I must work harder against it from now on!!


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