Week 18 MKE:

At the last webinar, they hyped up a particular question. A question that would be a game changer! And here I thought ‘what am I pretended not to know?’ was a biggie!

Something struck me while they were building up to that question. It didn’t even occur to me that I still had a particular mindset… The first line in my DMP is,

“I am a professional full-time Artist!”

Yet, I still had this thought in the deep dark crevices of my brain that artists struggle. I couldn’t believe it! All this time! Almost done with MKE, and I found more cobwebs of my old blueprint!

The Man On The Mountaintop

By Susan Trott

This past week or so, I had listened to this audio book. It was a great and moving story! Makes me want to go live in the Hermitage with the holy man and his fellow monks on the mountaintop. If you get a chance, I certainly recommend checking this one out!

One of the moments in the book, it describes the holy man in his meditations. He would sit on a boulder for hours, not moving a muscle. So still to the point a bird would start to make a nest on him, thinking he was a part of the landscape. It made me think of this week’s read for Master Keys 18.

“… the spiritual man also lives and moves and has his being in a similar but subtler energy upon which he must depend for life…”

He lived subtler. To the point birds found homes within his lap. He cherished the silence. Like in Master Keys week 17,

“… great minds seek solitude…”

Here I shall end this post with a few quotes from the book that have stuck with me, and maybe a note to go with.

“Kindness is good luck.”

I’m sure all of us in MKE can agree that our world or ‘luck’ gains better days as we begin to share more kindnesses!

See everyone as holy and you will be better off.

(I might have miss quoted this one but the message is still there.)

And seeing others as ‘holy’ or ‘seeing God in others’ is the last week for the Franklin Makeover so you’ll be reading about that later! 😜

“The opposite of fear is not courage, it is calm.”

Peace ☮️


3 thoughts on “Week 18 MKE:

  1. I think clearing out those cobwebs will be an ongoing quest–just as it is inside my house! 😉 I’ve added that book to my reading list, it sounds like a great read! Enjoyed how you tied that into our MKE lesson 18–yup, it would be difficult to be subtler than when birds nest in your lap!

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